I'm orginally from Virginia but I've lived in Texas the last twenty some years. Music has always been a part of my life. I remember sitting around the living room with my family listening to and loving the harmony of my mother and her brother. I remember getting teased about singing along to EVERYTHING on the radio, even the commercials! But I've never had any formal training. About ten years ago I got dared into singing karaoke, I was so nervous, you could hear my knees shaking. I did it and I was hooked. For about six months I only sang that one Bonnie Raitt tune, but it didn't take long for me to try new songs and I've been making a living at it since.About two years ago I met the man who motivated me into singing with a band. Mike Burford, of Henry's Hideout, helped me put together the Dredded Dr. H'Ed. At the same time I answered an ad in a local music paper and got hired by another local band called Route66. Two different kinds of music! Route 66 is a hard working party band with tight harmonies and awesome musicians

Karaoke Shows

Sunday and Monday

Sonnies Sports Bar and Bingo 8:30pm-12:30


The Yellow Retriever 8:00pm -12


The Western Club & Grill 8:00pm-?


Fat Tuesdays Sports Bar 9:00pm- 1

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Newest karaoke show Thursday @ Fat Tuesdays Sports Bar w/Heather Moon

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